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Charge of the Devons on Waggon Hill
From the artwork by W.T. Maud

Veldt Hunter - synopsis

It is 1899 and Harry Swift has joined Queen Victoria’s army to fight the latest war of Empire in South Africa. He is fleeing the prospect of marriage and guilt over the death of his step-brother, Jack. Swift is an outsider, the illegitimate son of a father he is still to meet.

     As a youth he ran wild on the North Downs of Kent where he learned to track and kill as a poacher: skills he puts to the test against the new guerrilla warfare used by the Boers.

     His mission is to smuggle secret codes into besieged Ladysmith, a journey on which he crosses paths with the beautiful yet fiery Helena van Aardt, a Boer farmer’s daughter who finds herself torn between her feelings for Swift and love of her country.

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